RFQ 10017624: Replace Chlorine overhead crane

RFQ 10017363: Appointment for PSP

RFQ 10016970: Employee wellness services

RFQ 10017630: Repair plant 4 Rockwell MV VSD 

RFQ 10016858: Repair the Industrial network

RFQ 10017072: Supply, Install and commission Plant 1 electric actuator

RFQ 10017462: Inspection of pipe leakage through drone

RFQ 10017463: Cleaning of the Klipdrift drying beds

RFQ 10017464: Cleaning of recovery dams

RFQ 10017465: Casting of concrete strip along the road

RFQ 10017466: Install Gabions along the recovery road

RFQ 10017468: Removal of bats in the houses

RFQ 10017470: Cleaning of the clarifiers and recovery sump

RFQ 10017517: Jollyfill Bottom Inlet

RFQ 10017524: Supply and deliver v-blets for blower

RFQ 10017526: Supply, deliver and install and commission PAC pump

RFQ 10017530: Calibration of 2100N Turbidity meter

RFQ 10017534: Repair the PAC system

RFQ 10017537: 4 chlorine free reagent set for CL17

RFQ 10017548: Repair of leaking roofs at the houses

RFQ 10017550: Control burning at the plant

RFQ 10017551: Cleaning of the sedimentation tanks

RFQ 10017562: Mild Steel Plate

RFQ 10017563: Cube Refills


RFQ 10017564: Standard Enclosure


RFQ 10017210: Safety Signs

RFQ 10017566: 5 Portable Water Tankers for RUSTENBURG LM

RFQ 10017566: 5 Portable Water Tankers for MOSES KOTANE LM

RFQ 10017566: 5 Portable Water Tankers for ROYAL BAFOKENG VILLAGES

RFQ 10017566 : 5 Portable Water Tankers for ROYAL BAFOKENG VILLAGES


RFQ 10016760: Call Center Services

RFQ 10017335: Supply 2100AN calibration standards

RFQ 10017532: Removal of weed with sludge

RFQ 10017360: Supply and Delivery of Storage

RFQ 10017363: Appointment of PSP for Three Municipalities CSI