Magalies Water understand that careers are only one dimension of life. Our employees lead interesting, multidimensional lives, community members, homeowners, students, caregivers, athletes, friends, activists, hobbyists, family members and so much more.The diverse roles and responsibilities that add definition to life can also add complexity, tension and stress-particularly when coupled with the demands of work. The conflicts that occur when work and life demands collide can inhibit the capabilities of our employees. Therefore, we strive to provide a workplace that can adapt to peoples’ lifestyles and life stages.

Our people are the key stakeholders of the organisation hence they are essential to its continued success and sustainability. As a result, we are committed to providing a safe, healthy and enabling workplace that is characterised by mutual respect, fairness, integrity, non-discrimination, equal opportunities and open two-way engagement.

Employee Remuneration and Benefits
At Magalies Water, we undertake to provide all potential and existing employees with equal opportunities in terms of recruitment, promotion, transfer, employee benefits, training and conditions of service. We provide well-structured employment contracts, fair and competitive remuneration.

Employee Relations
Magalies Water recognises the rights of its employees to engage in collective bargaining and a large majority of employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. We have recognition agreements with South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) and adhere to collective bargaining agreements.

Safety Health and Environmental Management (SHE)
Magalies Water Safety Health and Environmental Management (SHE) ensures that our approach to safety is documented and methodical. Based on a comprehensive set of explicit procedures and records, the SHE defines how risk is identified and managed by the organisation. The objective of the SHE is to improve safety performance through seamless integration of planning, implementation and performance review processes.

We recognise that HIV/AIDS has a significant impact on our business, both in terms of our fellow employees and the broader communities and in which we operate. The majority of people suffering with HIV/AIDS live in Sub-Saharan Africa, hence our strong interest in supporting awareness, testing and treatment programmes.

Investment and Procurement Practices
Magalies Water has committed to a system of acquisition of goods and services that is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective and promotes the objectives of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Investment and procurement practices.

Safety Training
Magalies Water provides labour on-site safety training. Labour on-site safety training topics include: material handling; use of electrical power and hand tools; and administering basic medical assistance (first aid).

Training and Development
Magalies Water takes cognisance of the fact that talent management is a critical business imperative. For this reason, we have formal human resource development initiatives in place to ensure that the competency levels of employees are enhanced on an ongoing basis. Subject to the outcomes of each individual’s key performance indicators (KPIs), areas of development are identified and addressed in our training plans. Training is typically provided for up skilling in the technical, financial and administrative areas of the business.

Internal Bursaries
At Magalies Water, we frequently award bursaries to permanent employees to further their studies. The reason for training and developing Magalies Water employees is to help them acquire new skills and improve on existing skills. The trained and developed staff apply their acquired new and improved skills in the execution of their job functions to improve their job performance.