We Enhance Lives Through Quality And Affordable Water.
The core strategy of Magalies Water is to meet the mandated Section 29 obligations and provide viable Section 30 initiatives as and when required per the Water Services Act, (Act 108 of 1997). This is achieved through reliable provision of quality and affordable potable water to the customers. Through a commercially sustainable business, Magalies Water is able to contribute to the economic development in the service area and support the Local Government.

To be the leading provider of quality water services in South Africa.

The culture of Magalies Water is guided by its values, which are used as anchor-points to establish the manner in which the entity approaches its activities and relates to its stakeholders.

Service quality
We endeavour to meet customer requirements in all that we do.

Our practices reflect our care for the natural environment.

We do what we say we’re going to do – ALWAYS!

We deliver services with a high level of professionalism.

Good corporate citizenship
We strive for the development of a sustainable economy and the wellbeing of our community.