The following is a simplistic depiction of where Magalies Water fits into the bulk water supply chain

Crocodile and Pienaars Rivers
Our two major catchment areas where rainfall accumulates and where our water comes from – are the Crocodile and Pienaars Rivers.

From the rivers, our water flows into dams that are owned by the Department of Water and Sanitation. Magalies Water buys the water from the Department.

Water Treatment Plants
From the dams, the water is channelled to our eight water treatment plants. Here we treat the water to make sure that it is either suitable for manufacturing and business uses, or safe for public consumption.

From our water treatment plants, the water is distributed to the industries, mines and municipalities. The municipalities have their own reservoirs from which the water is channelled to consumers. These are called section 29 services.

Maintaining and Building Capacity
Magalies Water also offers a range of section 30 services that are aimed at assisting municipalities in need – to design, develop, construct and maintain their water reticulation infrastructure and services.