Corporate Services

Ms. N Sityana-Fani
General Manager: Corporate Services

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Human Capital Development

Human Resource Division

The Corporate Services division’s primary function is the provision of central support services to all Magalies Water divisions. In order to meet the challenges posed by these divisions, a corporate services strategy, and a business plan were developed and implemented.

The following specialist services were rendered in support of achieving divisional and organizational objectives:

  • Provision of a well defined and holistic human resource management services to Magalies Water.
  • Reviewing and restructuring of Magalies Water’s current organizational structure and ensuring that the structure is aligned to organizational strategy.
  • Institution and maintaining an efficient contract management system.
  • Attracting and retaining the appropriate skills and competencies for the organization.
  • Ensuring the adequacy /appropriateness of infrastructure to meet business objectives.
  • Optimization of the performance of information technology infrastructure.
  • Implementation of employee wellness programme.

Human Capital Management

The department is a custodian to a comprehensive Human Resource Policy framework according to which the organization strives to unlock competence, energy and commitment relative to opportunities, intentions, performance and outcomes in order to attain success.

Human Capital Development              

Internship policy

The aim of the internship policy is to provide practical and accelerated learning programmes that build essential occupational competencies required by the workplace and complement theoretical classroom based learning for tertiary students and unemployed graduates who aspire to become employees. Magalies Water is currently employing more than20 interns a year.

Bursary scheme

The aim of the bursary scheme is to address the skills shortage and representation in scarce occupational skills categories especially in the technical and scientific fields

Management Development Programme

Magalies Water has established relationships with various accredited institutions and service providers to present skills programme that are job related and NQF aligned in order to meet the requirements of the Skills Development Act.

ABET learnership

The purpose of the policy is to provide guidelines with regard to the implementation of a learner ship and skills programme. Magalies Water is striving towards improving the knowledge, literacy and numeral skills of its human resource at the lower levels and also focusing on the technical field through the implementation of the Water Purification Process and Water Learnership.

Skills Development

Magalies Water conducted a skills audit among its employees to:

  • Determine qualifications and certification of employees;
  • Determine training needs;
  • Prioritise training that is critical in improving production;
  • Determine relevancy of placement in terms of personal attributes, skills and expertise.

Safety, Health, and Environment

The division supports the organization in managing all matters relating to occupational health and safety and the environment. The key function of the division is the identification of health and safety risks and environmental impacts and development of plans to reduce them.

Safety is the area of great concern and focus in Magalies Water and with that in mind we will continue to strive for zero incidents and to minimize both the frequency and severity of occupational health and safety incidents.

In the light of an increase in the number of safety related incidents reported over the last 12 months, this is complemented by safety initiatives such as risk assessments, legal compliance audits, implementation of safe working procedures, use of specialized personal protective equipment for specific and safety related training.