We Remain In A Ready State To Respond To Any Call Of Action From Our Shareholders.
Magalies Water is ready to respond to directives from the Minister of Water and Sanitation pertaining to water services. In the 2014/2015 financial year, we received directives from the Minister to execute emergency interventions in the following two areas, in terms of Section 41(1)(ii) of the Water Services Act, 1997 (Act 108 of 1997):

Madibeng Local Municipality
Majakaneng (An area that forms part of the Madibeng Local Municipality)

Emergency Intervention At Madibeng Local Municipality
Madibeng Local Municipality had poor quality of water and problems with their water and sanitation services. The Minister issued a directive for Magalies Water to help them address these issues. Through the intervention by Magalies Water, the Brits Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was optimised- to consistently increase production to 60ML/day. Telemetry and communication systems were repaired and reservoirs are being consistently managed.

Eleven community forums were furthermore established – to involve communities in the intervention and for educational and awareness purposes. An assessment of infrastructure requirements was also conducted – to identify the hotspots. Action plans with costs there then developed – to address those hotspots. Continued engagements are taking place on the long-term lease of bulk water infrastructure – to create a sustainable solution in the long run.

Emergency Intervention At Majakaneng Area
The Majakaneng area of the Madibeng Local Municipality had insufficient bulk water supply systems and infrastructure. The Minister issued a directive for Magalies Water to come to their rescue. Geohydrological studies were performed, nine boreholes were drilled – and five were connected to the water system. Leaks detection and repairs were also done. In addition, community forums were established – to create a culture of water conservation amongst consumers.

As a result of the intervention by Magalies Water – 87% of the Majakaneng area is now reticulated and have running water. The remaining 13% is supplied through JoJo tanks in the meantime.