Bulk Water Infrastructure master plan that culminated from the current and future regional bulk infrastructure concept is still pursued to enhance water service delivery and increase shareholder value through infrastructure development. The infrastructure master plan is being effected through implementation of the following key projects:


Upgrade of the Vaalkop System

This upgrade comprised of additional treatment capacity of 60ML/day, construction of a highlift pumpstation and a La Patrie reservoir. The first 30ML/day module was completed in the 2013/14 financial year and the additional module is 79% complete. Construction of the La Patrie reservoir is 82% complete while the highlift pumpstation is 71% complete. The social impact of this infrastructure will alleviate water shortages in the Moses Kotane and Rustenburg Local Municipalities. The economic aspect of this infrastructure is supply of water to the mines which will have significant impact on the social livelihoods of communities in the area through creation of jobs.

Pilanesberg North Scheme

The Northern part of the PBWSS comprises a 31-kilometre pipeline and a 35ML/day reservoir at Tuschenkomst. This infrastructure was completed and officially launched in the prior financial year. The social impact has been connection of villages that are in the vicinity of this bulk water infrastructure. These villages are Ngweding, Ntswana le Metsing, Mabeleng, Maologane, Witrandjie, Mmorogong, Tlhatlhaganyane and Magong.

Pilanesberg South Scheme

The Southern part of PBWSS is the construction of a pipeline from Evergreen to the new reservoir in Mafenya. The social impact of this water supply system will be alleviation of water shortages in communities within the Moses Kotane and Rustenburg local municipalities including the Royal Bafokeng Authority. Construction of this infrastructure is 80% complete and it is expected that in future, this scheme will be extended to benefit communities in the Kgetleng Rivier Local Municipality. The economic impact of this infrastructure is supply of water to the Bakubung mines near Ledig and Boschoek.

Upgrades at the Klipdrift WTP

Klipdrift WTP is currently being upgraded from current capacity of 18ML/day to 42ML/day. This will improve capacity of the plant to meet increased demands of the Moretele, Bela Bela and Modimolle local municipalities. This upgrade will be completed in May 2016.