How does Scientific Services contribute to the blue drop system?

• Blue drop Administrators upload Drinking Water Quality data for all Magalies Water
process plants and municipalities on a monthly basis. This data is used to assess Magalies
Water’s DWQ compliance.
• Blue drop Administrators also upload and update the required Magalies Water documents
on the IRIS system based on the Blue drop Certification requirements. The requirements are
summarized in 5 aspects:

1. Water Safety Planning – This includes uploading signed and approved WSPs and incident
management protocol documents.
2. Drinking Water Quality Management and Control -This includes uploading process plant
Classifications, process controller compliance, availability of plant logbooks etc.
3. Drinking Water Quality Compliance – Uploading the Magalies Water process plant DWQ
data on a monthly basis.
4. Management Accountability and Local regulation – Uploading publication of performance
and service level agreements.
5. Asset Management – Uploading annual process audit reports, asset registers and
maintenance budgets.

Scientific Services ensures that Magalies Water complies with the above requirements and
updates the documents for each financial year. Please note the attached detailed of Blue
drop Certification requirements document.