Water Services

Mr L Motlhodi 
General Manager: Water Services

Primary Capabilities

Water Services

  • Bulk potable water purification and transmission.
  • Bulk sanitation
  • Reticulation management
  • General technical advice and assistance to Municipalities
  • Metering and billing (Retail Services)

Laboratory Services (Scientific)

  • Analytic service for potable and sewage water quality control
  • Catchment monitoring

Asset Management

  • General maintenance of assets
  • Pipeline maintenance
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Project planning
  • Upgrading/refurbishment planning
  • Contract administration
  • Geographic Information Systems(GIS)

Secondary Capabilities and Services

The bulk operations of Magalies Water include the provision of potable water in bulk to other water service institutions within its area of operation.  Included in this task are functions related to the abstraction and purification of water as well as quality control, water distribution and demand management aspects.  Other support functions related to these are:

  • operation and maintenance
  • safety, health and environment
  • catchment management
  • planning, development and implementation
  • water conservation and demand management
  • administration
  • financial Services
  • human resources, training & development
  • marketing and communication
  • management and support functions
  • Corporate Social Investments

Interests in other institutions

The Board does not have any subsidiaries nor has interests in other institutions.  However, the Board participates in a consortium with Bigen Africa and ABSA Bank in the Roodeplaat Temba Water Services Trust (providing water services to the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality) and the Rustenburg Water Services Trust (providing water services to the Rustenburg Local Municipality).   
The Board has signed a cooperation agreement for a Twinning relationship with Nkana Water and Sewerage Company in Zambia, as part of its strategic involvement within the SADC Region.

Plants Managed and Operated

Magalies Water currently operates in excess of 10 (Ten) water purification and sewage plants which include the following:

Water Treatment Plants

Plant Name

Capacity Ml/d


Vaalkop 1


DAF, Ozone, RGS, GAC

Vaalkop 2


DAF, Sedimentation, RGS, Chloramination

Vaalkop 3


DAF, Sedimentation, RGS, Chloramination



DAF, RGS, Chlorination



DAF, RGS, Chlorination



Sedimentation, RGS, Chlorination



DAF, Sedimentation, RGS, UV, Chlorination



DAF, Sedimentation, RGS, UV, Chlorination


Magalies Water’s retail division provides operations and maintenance services on behalf of three Municipalities being, City of Tshwane, Madibeng Local Municipality and Moretele Local Municipality in the following areas: Temba, Hammanskraal (Refilwe and Mandelaville), Hammanskraal West, Hammanskraal West Extension 1, Ramotse/Marokolong, Stinkwater, New Eersterus, Suurman/Majaneng. The retail division of Magalies Water is also responsible for all water services to the end users. Of the three areas of operation, cost recovery is done actively in the CoT area by Magalies Water and municipalities are also involved in cost recovery mechanism.

City of Tshwane Area

The retail services are provided in the greater Temba/Hammanskraal area namely: Babelegi, Refilwe, Mandela, Ramotse, Marokolong, Sekampaneng, Dilopye, Kromkuil, Trust farm, Stinkwater, New Eesterus, Suurman, Majaneng and Gamokone.

Water in these areas is supplied 22,879 metered consumers in the Temba/Hammanskraal areas.


Scope of services provided

  • Customer Care
  • Infrastructure provisioning
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Financial Management – Cost Recovery
  • Optimum Resource Management and loss Reduction
  • Project Management


Water is supplied to between 20,000 and 25,000 households at a basic level of supply. The water source is the Temba Water Treatment Plant. Areas such as Suurman, Majaneng, Stinkwater, Dilopye, Eesterus, Ramotse and Morokolong fall within the supply scheme.


The Moretele municipality includes a number of villages namely; Mogogelo, Mmotla, Mmakaunyane, Ratjiepane, Moeka, Noroki, Bosplaas, Mathibestaad, Makapanstaad, Moretele, Kontane, Kgomo-kgomo, Tladistad, Mmatlhwaela,Greenside, Dihibidung, One & Ten, Opperman, Thulwe, Prieska and Potwane. Moretele area can be divided into three sections of supply i.e

  1. The Moretele Water Supply Scheme includes the supply of water through four main pipelines and a basic level of supply reticulation to about 40, 000 households in 25 communities/villages.
  2. The supply from the Transactie well field supplies 9 rural communities and one police station. Upgrading of other villages like Lebotlwane is also receiving a high level of service and in anticipation of the high water demand and new well field with a safe yield of 445.7kl per day is also in place and developed.
  3. The rest of the communities are supplied from 78 motorized boreholes at a basic level and below, due to limited potable ground water.

Scope of services provided

  • Provision of retail services to the Municipality
  • Rural maintenance, i.e. Boreholes including equipment such as Lister engines, etc.
  • Water storage tanks and stands
  • Operation and mini plant plus the supply of chemicals
  • Regeneration of columns or cylinders at mini purification plant
  • Working in conjunction with consultants & contractors
  • Customer Care
  • Assist with rectification of leaks on the bulk water supply lines, water reticulation lines, valves, and meters
  • Project Management


Madibeng comprises of number of villages namely; Kwairiekraal, Klipvoorstad, Ga-Rasai, Fafung, Legonyane, Masebolane, Jericho, Rooiwaal, Vaalboschloot, Watervaal, Jonathan, Dikgopaneng, Makgabetlwane, Rabasula, Sephai, Madinyane, Rietgat, Maboloka, Ramakgotla, Moiletswane, Shakung, Shakunyaneng, Lekgema, Madidi, Dipompong, Oskraal, Moti, Rantlapane and Brits.

In this area Magalies Water is involved in rural community water supply only. In most cases involvement is at the basic level of supply.  The reason for this is that potable water is only available in small quantities in a vast area due to natural occurrence of fluoride in the ground water system. It is for this reason that Magalies Water is operating a package treatment plant at Ga Rasai and deflouridation plants at Jonathan (1kl/d). The implementation of free basic water supply is well advanced with the supply of energy cost, operation and maintenance of these systems. The water sources are either boreholes or Madibeng Water Treatment Plant except Ga Rasai where water is drawn from the river. Jericho is receiving a high level of service presently with 2000 yard connections. The source of bulk water supply to Jericho is Madibeng Water Treatment Works in Brits.


Scope of services provided

  • Provide retail services to the MLM
  • Rural maintenance, i.e. Boreholes including equipment such as Lister engines, etc.
  • Water storage tanks and stands
  • Operation of Package plant
  • Working in conjunction with consultation & contractors
  • Customer Care
  • Assist with rectification of leaks on the bulk water supply lines, water reticulation lines, valves, and meters
  • Project Management