In The Community

Magalies Water understands the pivotal role it plays as an organisation in terms of being a responsible corporate citizen in the communities it serves. It extends its reach far beyond its traditional role as a leading bulk water supplier, engaging proactively with the people who live and work in its local environment. We take a brief look at some of the community projects which the organisation is currently supporting and its rationale for selecting them as part of its CSI strategy.

The need to increase awareness on the part of South Africa's citizens on the importance of water and the need to protect it as a valuable natural resource has never been greater, nor has the need to provide greater explanations on why water services must be paid for by everyone who uses them. Or indeed why the natural environment which provides our water supply must also be safeguarded for future generations, or why the need for improved levels of hygiene is essential to the health and well being of the country's population. Magalies Water understands the value of proactive communication and involvement with local communities to ensure that the value of water is fully understood and appreciated by all.

As part of its corporate social investment commitment, Magalies Water undertakes a number of initiatives and community programmes each year which look to enrich the lives of those who live and work in its local environment. For example, young learners from local schools, together with local community leaders, are escorted on educational tours of the water treatment works in their neighbourhoods to facilitate a greater understanding of the life cycle of water. In addition, local councilors are advised on water demand management issues through a programme of highly focused workshops facilitated by industry experts.

Currently, the main focus of Magalies Water's corporate social investment activities can be seen in its proactive step of adopting four, highly specialised institutions in the local community, for a period of three years, with effect from the 2006/7 fiscal year. Each institution is provided with a sum of R15,000 each year to support their particular needs. These institutions include:

• Sonop Old Age Home in Brits (Madibeng LM) - Installation of a completely new electricity system in the main kitchen
• Mabogopedi Secondary School in Thabazimbi (Thabazimbi LM) - Installation of school classroom electric wire fencing for security purposes
• Tshomankane Middle School in Saulspoort (Moses Kotane LM) - Purchase of furniture for the learners' computer room
• Odirile Mentally and Physically Disabled Children in Temba (Temba CoT) - Installation of a special entertainment area for the children

In an attempt to add even greater value to its financial contributions to the above chosen institutions and communities, Magalies Water also uses the services of local residents and contractors when it is involved as an implementing agent on key projects.

As the project sponsorships come to an end in the next 12 months, plans are in place to erect commemorative plaques in each of the institutions in recognition of the support provided by Magalies Water as a project sponsoring organisation.

For more information on corporate social investment initiatives at Magalies Water, visit our website - or contact the Communications Division on telephone: (014) 597 4636